Climate Now – it's about our future

What We Do

Home Climate Now is a project of the non-profit Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute. At Climate Now we turn communities into climate change leaders. Using a model that focuses on Asheville, North Carolina and four surrounding counties as the prototype area, we are creating online tools like this experimental website, webcast and broadcast media, presentations and live events that showcase the techniques and technology of climate friendly living. With the help of local musicians and others, we are connecting the community with quality information, local partners and local resources that can help each of us reverse climate disruption, strengthen our local economy and make our communities more secure. In phase two we will work with others to build a network of teams that have the tools and training to help their own communities become climate leaders.

Here's what you can do:

1. If you are a locally owned business with products and services that support the climate friendly use of energy, transportation, water and food, register today. Climate Now will host your information in this easy-to-use directory of local resources. Beginning in spring 2017, registered businesses will be able to join the Community Climate Team and post Local Knowledge videos to share your know-how with all of us.

2. If you are a local resident, you will also be able to join the Community Climate Team by the summer of 2017 and post your Local Knowledge videos.

Ian Booth Everyone else, please visit us often in this community meeting place. When fully operational, this site will be a trusted source of information and community-building that is a little like social networking, Wikipedia, YouTube and Linkedin all in one place. So tell your friends about us and get in the game. Together we can create a realistic way to help reverse climate disruption, to strengthen our local economy and our communities, and work with others committed to learning and spreading the know-how of climate friendly living throughout communities nationwide.

Thank you for your support!

Ian Booth, Program Director