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Climate Change Living

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The future of life on Earth depends upon how we respond to climate change. Scientists are seeing a rapid decline in the health of our global life support systems. This includes our climate, our groundwater, biodiversity, oceans, forests and more. In short, "unless we change our direction, we're likely to end up where we're headed."

Climate change living means meeting today's needs without causing harm to the environment, to other people, or to future generations. It means reducing and reversing our carbon footprint. Climate change living uses products and services, techniques and technologies that are widely available today to revitalize our lives and our communities. Also known as lifestyle equilibrium, it is local, durable, economically balanced, vibrant, healthy, and satisfying to the human spirit. Climate change living can help assure that we and others eat, drink, work, play, shop, travel and in general live and prosper in an enduring manner. It offers a practical gateway to a future that sustains and respects all life on this beautiful and increasingly fragile Earth.