Climate Now - for our future

Climate City

Learning in the Mountains

The coming decade is going to be about climate change. The good news is that many communities across America are asking what they can do, and are looking for examples of what works best. Asheville, North Carolina, has a growing community of innovators who are coming together to create, New Asheville share and refine the techniques and technologies that can halt and reverse climate change. A living laboratory where we learn to create truly climate friendly communities.

Becoming a climate leader will require broad community participation in a way of living called lifestyle equilibrium. To help make this possible, Climate Now is building the connection between traditional skills and cutting-edge technology. If you are a local business that provides any of the products and services listed here, please be sure to register. We also invite everyone to attend an event or host a Climate Gathering or a presentation. Just talk it over with your friends and contact us to arrange a date. With your participation and your support, we can all make the Asheville region a climate change leader!