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   Energy Conserving Design
      Green Building
         Geothermal Heat Pumps
         Green Building Materials
            100% Reclaimed Building Materials
            SIPS - Structural Insulated Panels
         Natural Building
         Net Zero Buildings
         Tiny Houses
      Passive Cooling Design
      Passive Solar Space Heating
         Attached Sunspaces
         Non-solar Glazing
         Passive Solar Design
  design make sell install service teach
         Thermal Mass and Heat Storage
   Energy Improvements
      Auditing and Consulting
         Blower Door Infiltration Analysis
         Computer Assisted Audits
         Infrared Scanning (Thermography)
         On-site Audits
      Ductwork Retrofitting
      Energy Efficient Appliances
         Clotheswashers (ultra high efficiency)
         Dishwashers (ultra high efficiency)
         Refrigerators (ultra high efficiency)
         Water Heaters (ultra high efficiency)
            High Efficiency Water Heaters
  design make sell install service teach
            Tankless Water Heaters
      Energy Recovery Ventilators
      Energy Retrofitting
         Retrofitting Services
         Attic Fans
         Ceiling Fans
         Whole House Fan
      Heating System Upgrades
      Landscaping for Energy Conservation
         Daylighting Fixtures
         Energy Efficient Lighting and Fxtures
            Sensors and Timers
            Task Lighting
  design make sell install service teach
         Industrial & Outdoor Lighting
            Energy Conserving Ballasts
            Energy Conserving Lighting Systems
      Programmable Thermostats
      Thermal Envelope Upgrades
         Infiltration (air leakage) Treatment
         Insulation Products
            Batt and Blanket Insulation
            Loose-fill Insulation
            Rigid Insulation
         Replacement Doors
         Replacement Windows
  design make sell install service teach
         Window Treatment
   Renewable Energy
      Micro-hydro Systems
      Photovoltaic Systems
         Batteries for Solar
         Grid-interface and Stand-alone Systems
         Inverters and Controllers
         Panels and Mountings
      Solar Thermal
         Active Solar Space Heating
         Active Solar Water Heating
         Passive Solar Space Heating
         Passive Solar Water Heating
      Windpower Systems
  design make sell install service teach
         Horizontal Axis Systems
         Site Evaluations for Wind Energy
         Vertical Axis Systems
   Under Development
   Alternative Fuel Vehicles
         Biodiesel Fuel
         Biodiesel Fuel-making Equipment
         Factory-made Biodiesel Vehicles
         Vegetable Oil Conversions
      Compressed Natural Gas
         CNG Conversions
         CNG Fuel
  design make sell install service teach
         CNG Fueling Equipment
         Factory-made CNG Vehicles
      Electric Vehicles
         Commercial Electric Vehicles
         Electric Conversions
      Ethanol / Flex-fuel Vehicles
      Hybrid Vehicles
      Hydrogen Powered Vehicles
      Methanol Vehicles
      Propane (LPG) Vehicles
         Factory-made Propane Vehicles
         Propane Conversions
         Propane Fuel
   Alternatives to the Automobile
      Public Transportation
      Ride Sharing (non-commercial)
      Scooter / Mo-ped
  design make sell install service teach
   Indoor Water Use
         Clothes Washer (horizontal axis)
         Dishwashers (high efficiency only)
         Composting Toilets
  design make sell install service teach
         Pressure Assist Toilets
         Water Saver Kits
         Water Saver Shower Heads
      Graywater Management
         Catchment, Conveyance, Filtration & Storage
   Outdoor Water Use
      Harvested Rainwater Systems
         Conveyance and Filtration
         Storage (tanks and cisterns)
         Irrigation Systems
         Mulches and Coverings
         Planning and Design
  design make sell install service teach
         Soil Improvement