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Ian Booth


CLIMATE NOW - Program Director - Asheville, NC 2016: Develop and deliver live and virtual events, media, technologies and techniques that advance the principles and skills of "climate friendly living."

SUSTAINABLE NOW - Asheville, NC 1999-2015, Founder: A non-profit program to study and advance community sustainability. Developed symposia and trainings in western North Carolina to elevate public understanding of the term "sustainability." Producer and host of the Green Radio Bistro - 2006 - 2009. A new-paradigm variety TV and radio show featuring live music, comedy, kids reports and guest interviews highlighting technologies and strategies to help viewers and listeners move toward a "green" lifestyle.

MOUNTAIN AREA ECOTOURISM PROJECT: Asheville, NC 1998-1999 - Organized and produced the Ecotourism Summit in cooperation with Handmade in America. Presented state, national and international experts on ecotourism, sample ecotourism field experiences and eco-entertainment to promote sustainable tourism in the North Carolina mountain region. Co-hosted and entertained Chinese delegation studying U.S. National Park system.

CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL ARTS AND MEDIA: Asheville, NC 1996-1997 - Produced the environmental music awards program and CD, Road to Paradise, in cooperation with the Governor's Year of the Mountains Commission.

MEDIA CONSULTANT: Boulder, CO 1991-1996 - Produced educational and promotional media for the Institute for Human Skills, Lockerbie Resource Group, Concerts for the Earth and the Values and Visions Institute.

INSIDER PRODUCTIONS: Boulder, CO 1988-1991 - Co-created, produced, and performed in It's About Time, a Soviet-American mixed-media performance about life aboard Spaceship Earth, our on-board flight conditions and our possibilities for the future. Developed the script, business plan, promotional media, marketing materials, video and sound editing. Co-managed cast and technical crew, performed in pilot performances in the United States and the Soviet Union.

PROJECT CONSULTANT: Aspen, CO 1986-1988 - Consultant to the Windstar Foundation's traveling mixed-media performance It's About Time based on Buckminster Fuller's World Game. Presented global population, food, energy and resource issues. Co-developed the marketing and logistical program and co-authored the performance script, also worked with Amory Lovins at the Rocky Mountain Institute. Technical director of It's About Time with John Denver.

ENERGY CONSULTANT: Asheville, NC 1982-1986 - Conducted residential and light commercial energy audits, created software to prioritize energy design and retrofit options. Worked with SUNY Stonybrook physicists to troubleshoot Solar Performance and Energy Conservation Software (SPECS); co-authored the SPECS User Manual.

THE ALPHA PROJECT: Asheville, NC 1980-1982 - Developed a community education project to demonstrate residential resource techniques for self reliance including energy conservation and solar design, water conservation and grey-water management, residential scale food systems and more. Presented public seminars on the environmental, economic and personal benefits of residential resource management.


Ian Booth

MUSICIAN: Since 1970 Ian has periodically performed and toured as a musician and singer-songwriter.

MUSIC PRODUCER: Atlanta, GA - Managed a concert PA system and Nada Brahma Productions, played in the Atlanta based progressive rock band Flood.

AUTHOR: Guidelines for Event Coordinators - a handbook for sponsoring community events
Colonel Richard's Secret - a memoir celebrating the life of US Air Force Col. Henry Richard


Guilford College: Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science

University of Colorado: Post-graduate independent study in global resource analysis and Ecological Economics

Cornerstones Institute: Certification in residential and light commercial energy auditing, state certified in North Carolina and Maine

Duke University: Nicholas School of the Environment, post-graduate certification in Ecotourism

Landmark Training: Forum, Advanced Course, CAP, CPC and Team Management and Leadership Program - T1

Securities License: Boulder, CO 1993 - NASD Series 22 and Series 63

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