Climate Now - for our future

Lalita BoothThe Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute (a.k.a. Blue Ridge Institute or BRI) was founded in 2008 as a non-profit educational organization. You have probably considered at one time or another that real sustainability would mean meeting today's needs without causing harm to the environment, to other people or to future generations. As families and communities, this means rethinking much of what we call "sustainable." It means relocalizing our lives while making them more secure. That is the focus of the Institute's work.

At the same time, most Americans are recognizing the urgency of reversing climate change. BRI is creating a replicable model of climate response and lifestyle equilibrium through our Climate Now program. To accelerate this process, our team of Research Partners is setting up a guest speaker program and outreach events to take the principles of sustainable food, energy, design, transportation and climate response into the community.

As a tax-exempt organization, the Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute will use all grants and other support to create and demonstrate innovative strategies for lasting sustainability and climate response. We sincerely thank you for your tax deductible contribution!

Lalita Booth, Administrative Director