Climate Now - for our future

Lalita BoothThe non-profit Blue Ridge Institute (founded in 2008 as the Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute) is a tax-exempt educational organization working in partnership with Climate Now to create a transformative and replicable model of climate response at the community level. That means meeting today's needs without causing harm to the environment, to other people or to future generations. It invites us to rethink much of what we now call "sustainable". It also invites many of us to move in a new and exciting direction as individuals, families, communities and businesses. We call it "lifestyle equilibrium" or climate based living. We believe that the Climate Now program, which is being developed as funding permits and with direct community participation, provides a powerful and effective way to reach those goals.

The Blue Ridge Institute will use all grants and other support to create innovative strategies for climate response and deep sustainability. We sincerely thank you for your tax deductible contribution. Welcome to Climate Now!

Lalita Booth, Administrative Director