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Examples of Room Setup

House concert

Here are a few house concert photos that demonstrate various types of room setup. If at all possible, it is best to place the musician in the least-traveled part of the room to minimize distractions when guests visit the bathroom, etc. Musicians need a little bit of room for equipment, access to electrical power, and guitarists need a simple bar stool. Some hosts ask guests to bring a folding chair and some borrow chairs from the church, etc.

The room shown above is a natural for house concerts, and probably has lively acoustics because of the tile floor and vaulted ceilings.

Room number one is set up front to back, shown here during sound check.

Room number one after the guests arrive.

Room number two is a natural for house concerts, and is set up with only a few rows that run the length of the room. This places everyone as close as possible to the musician.

Rooms three and four are set up to allow guests in two rooms to view the performers.

Laurie and Neale have gone so far as to put full stage lighting, a professional PA system, live recording and video capability in their living room for the Fox Run house concert series. Now that's a commitment to house concerts!

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