Climate Now - it's about our future

The Concert!

Ian Booth

First, Ian Booth will welcome everyone, then give a 15-20 minute presentation called Introduction to Climate Friendly Living. After answering a few questions, he'll take a short break to move things around and start the music!

Part two is about entertaining the guests and offering "relief from whatever ails you." Booth will take everyone inside the world of a singer-songwriter and show how the Muse just shows up when you least expect it! He'll tell stories and play songs that illustrate how a particular image or phrase or incident unexpectedly insisted on becoming a song, sometimes nearly complete with words and music!

He'll play original songs from his upcoming album Since Young Dylan Died, and will keep them in good company with songs by some of his favorite songwriters including Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, John Prine, Greg Brown and others.

Ian promises a good time for everyone, "or there ain't a cow in Texas!"

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