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Upload a Video

When this feature is fully activated, Community Climate Team Members will be able to upload a video under any topic in the directory. This can be a smartphone or other video that you have posted to YouTube, Vimeo, or other video hosting service. We recommend two to three minutes in length or less. All visitors will be able to see your video in the Local Knowledge section under the selected topic.

1. Log in as a Community Climate Team Member with you username and password.

2. To embed a video, open a new window in your web browser and watch your clip as it appears on YouTube or other video hosting service.

3. Put the cursor inside the web address window, also called the URL, at the top of the page. (See the example below.) Highlight and copy the whole address.


4. Now go back to the registration page. Members can post a video on your contact page by pasting the web address in the box cleverly entitled "Contact page video." Then click the "submit" button to finish.

5. To post a video in the Local Knowledge section, paste the web address in one of the three "Local Knowledge" windows. Now enter the Title of your video. Next, click inside the "Category" window and scroll through the directory. Select the category that best describes the topic of your video. You're done! It's that simple. Your video will be manually activated within two days, after we confirm that the video and the topic are correctly matched.

This video posting feature is available to Community Climate Team Members only. We reserve the right to decline or remove any incompatible videos, and we'll contact you if we do.

Thank you for being a Community Climate Team Member with Climate Now.