Climate Now - for our future

SkylineConsider that anything which causes harm to the environment, to other people or to future generations cannot be continued indefinitely. As families and communities, this means rethinking most of what we now call "sustainable." It means making our lives and our communities more secure as we reverse climate change. This is the core of our work at the Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute.

BRSI (a.k.a. Blue Ridge Institute) is creating a replicable model of climate response at the community level through our Climate Now program. Our focus is on studying and teaching lifestyle equilibrium and climate based living. To accelerate this process, we offer outreach events to take the principles of sustainable food, water, energy, design, transportation and climate response into the community.

BRSI is a non-profit educational organization founded in 2008. The Institute is committed to using all grants and other support to create and demonstrate innovative strategies for sustainability and climate response. We sincerely thank you for clicking here to make a tax deductible contribution!

Our Team