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Local Knowledge About Transportation

HomeTransportation in the United States is facilitated by road, air, rail, and by boat.

US Commuting facts by percentage:
Car, truck, or vanódrove alone: 76.4
Car, truck, or vanócarpooled: 9.7
Public transportation: 5.0
Worked at home: 4.3
Walked: 2.8
Taxicab, motorcycle, bicycled or other means: 1.7

Vehicles and Conveyances
Automobiles registered: 125.7 million
Trucks registered: 118.5 million
Buses registered: 0.7 million
Motorcycles registered: 8.4 million
Rail transit systems: 25 commuter rail, 14 heavy rail (subway), 30 light rail
Recreational boats registered: 12.2 million